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the original monkee

the original monkee

the original monkee

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the most entertaining toy that will decompress your stress!


✔  use the monkee best friend as a stress ball by squeezing it!

✔ built with ultra-durable material allowing you to throw around for a long time!

✔ stretch the monkee up to 300% longer than its normal size!

✔ replace hours of boredom with a monkee!

✔ suitable for all ages to play with and enjoy!

✔ decorate your space with the monkee's beautiful and cute design!

✔ fast, reliable and tracked shipping worldwide even weighing at 18000g!!

✔ easily go viral posting with your #monkee on social media!


what is the monkee?

it is the stretchiest, most compressible and utterly squishy toy you will ever lay your hands on. 

we use ultra expandable elastic material allowing you to streeeeetch the monkee into any shape.


how to use?

to play with your monkee all that you have to use is your strength to stretch, smash and mold it to any shape!